Confraria de Segurança da Informação – 30 janeiro

Confraria no dia 30 de Janeiro pelas 18h30 no Auditório 2 do Fórum Picoas.


18h30 – Hugo Rodrigues ( / Tiago D’Herbe (

Título: Router to Router attacks (The perfect botnet)

What if the bot herders begun to capture our routers? The possibility and the strategy they might use. We will talk about the possibility compromise a router and implement an automatism that begins trying to compromise his neighbours.

19h15 – Pedro Cabrita (

Titulo: “there is no spoon” – The art of “bending” a vulnerability with the power of mind

We will be talking about perception or reality applied to Information Security in the context of non-existent vulnerabilities. When our favorite, industry grade, expensive, automated scanner tells us: “there is no spoon”!

Are we ok? Should we care? What could be done to adjust our “perception”?
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